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About Agartala

Location: West Tripura District, Tripura
 350 C (Maximum), 210 C (Minimum)
Winters: 250 C (Maximum), 100 C (Minimum)
Best Time to Visit: October to April
Nearest Airport: Agartala Airport
Nearest Railhead: Agartala Railway Station
Must Visits: Jagannath Temple, Venuban Budhha Vihar, Ujjayanta Palace, Jampui Hills and Neermahal.
Language Spoken: Bengali, Chakma, Hindi, English and Kokborok (Tribal Language)
STD Code: 0381

Agartala is a striking city tucked in the north-east of India. It is the proud capital of Indian state of Tripura. The city is sited in the western part of Tripura and lies on the swiftly flowing Haroa River. Agartala city is spread over an area of about 59 square kilometers and is situated at an altitude of 13 meters above the sea level. Due to its location, the city has a humid subtropical climate with heavy rainfall all around the year. While summers are hot and wet (April to October), Agartala experiences mild to moderate winters. The best time to visit this city is from the month of October to April. This amazing city has a blend of rich culture and diverse population including various native tribes. Indo-Bangladesh border is just 2 kilometer away from this city and thus, a huge impact of Bengali culture can be seen in locals. This city is very well connected to other cities of India via Railway, Road and Airways.

National Highway No. 44 connects Agartala to Guwahati (599 km) via Shillong. The city also possesses a fully equipped airdrome, Agartala Airport which connects this city to all the major cities of the country such as Delhi, Kolkata and Guwahati, through direct flights. In fact, Agartala is the second capital city (after Guwahati) in the northeast that is linked to the country's railway network. The city was founded by Maharaja Radha Krishna Kishore Manikya Bahadur (1829-1849) of Manikya Dynasty in 1849, as capital of his empire. In the year 1874-75, it was converted into a municipality under the reign of Maharaja Bir Chandra Manikya (1862-1896). In 1940, this city's town area was restructured in a planned way to make it a well planned city under the sovereignty of Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Bahadur. This is why he is, sometimes, referred to as the founder of the planned city of Agartala.

Agartala is the central market and exporter of various commercial commodities like tea, rice, jute, oilseeds, rubber and gas/LPG for nearby region and states. The main shopping business areas of the city are Gol Bazaar and Kaman Chowmuhani where you can get a variety of handicrafts, wooden articles and other shops, bazaars etc. This vibrant city proves itself to be a wholesome travel destination with its natural beauty, historical palaces and beautiful temples. Some of the prominent tourist spots that you should never miss to visit when in Agartala are College Tilla (Maharaja Bir Bikram College, Tripura University Buildings and landscapes), Ujjayanta Palace (Palace of Tripura Kings) which is now a state legistative assembly, Jagannath Temple, Venuban Budhha Vihar and Neermahal (palace amidst a natural lake, Rudrasagar). Apart from these historical tourist locations, you can take delight in the natural landscapes like Jampui Hill that is called the "Kashmir of Tripura".

Best Time To Visit Agartala

The best time to visit Agartala is anytime during the winter months of October to February. As the temperature hits a slump, the natural beauty of the city comes alive. During this season, the city is hoarded with tourists flocking to this place to experience a slice of north-eastern culture. The winter months holds a number of festivities. Since, music and dance is an essential part of the local tribal community here, the celebrations in the region is usually marked by traditional folk dance and songs. Some of the festivals that every tourist should experience during winters are the Orange festival, Diwali and the famous Durga Puja, which is celebrated with grand pageantry of events.

History Of Agartala

Perched on the banks of River Howrah, the low-key capital city of Tripura-Agartala- entices the excursionists and sightseers with its past splendor. With its head-reeling assortment of exciting tourist attractions, a trip to Agartala promises to be nothing short of a joy trip.

How To Reach Agartala

Tucked away in the extreme corners of northeastern India, the quaint capital city of Tripura -- Agartala deserves great applause for holding on to its tribal traditions and regal splendor despite of the growing commercialism in the state. Endowed with nature's bounties, this erstwhile princely city sashays its manmade creations

Places To See In Agartala

  • Ujjayanta Palace
  • Neermahal
  • Kunjaban Palace
  • Tripura Government Museum 
  • Bhubaneswari Temple
  • Kamalasagar Kali Temple

Shopping Places In Agartala

For Handicrafts
Agartala, acclaimed for its exotic handicrafts and handlooms, boast of a unique array of artifacts that cannot to be found anywhere else. The splendor, elegance and attractive designs of these handcrafted wares proudly showcase the creativity and talent of the artisans here. A vast range of products like furniture, table mats, floor mats, partitions, lamp shades and other aesthetic materials can be bought from here at very reasonable rates. Apart from its wooden crafts, the city is admired for its exquisite clay and palm leaves crafts. The ace craftsmanship of Agartala and tribal people has contributed a lot in making their products world-famous. Purbasa, the state government emporium, is the best place to splurge in exquisite handicraft items. Besides this emporium, there are a number of private shops throughout the city, especially in areas like Akhaura Road, Jail Road and Mohanpur, where you can get the best deals on handicrafts.

For Clothes, Accessories And Other Goods

The art of weaving holds a special place in Agartala. Highly influenced by the serenity and traditional lifestyle, the handlooms of Tripura are renowned for their unique combination of contemporary and ethnic designs. The bold color combination and lasting texture of clothes is truly incredible. To get the best bargain on clothes, 'Tantumita' emporium is the best place to go. For people willing to splurge in clothes, accessories and goods in Agartala, places like Akhaura Road and Shakuntala Road are ideal. When talking about shopping in Agartala, the exotic market in Bartala needs to be mentioned. Bartala, being the major commercial hub of the city, the market area offers everything from fancy clothes, music CDs to foot wears and funky accessories. The shopping complexes in the city such as Ghar Sansar in Chittaranjan Road and Bazaar Kolkata on Central Road provide all the necessary things.

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